The Technical Woman Returns

The Technical Woman Returns

Owl’s Hoot

“The owl’s hoot. Live owl. Connected to lands beyond. They were…there was some cycling or circling from those lands, to those lands. It was much more poetic than that. Pure. Powerful. Could turn the story around. As if the…very clear. The owl’s hoot fully represented that land, as though we’re in the middle of forests. Very powerful. Woke me up. I was in the half state for some time. And it was a while before I could identify it as an owl’s hoot.”

Two men beside shed

“Two men talking. At one point they’re being filmed, or possibly being filmed horizontal as they’re apparently standing above a deep void, backs to an old shed. They’re moving around, rolling. Before this they had been vertical. It’s only as I’m waking I have to have them filmed horizontal so they don’t plunge into the void. I can’t remember the meat of the dream, although in my mind the spy fly from Dark Materials is implicated. Certainly there in my waking awareness.”

Women Too

“Nod to previous dream. Now there are women standing on curving balconies like roadways at a complex motorway junction, waiting for class to begin. A female version of men and shed.”


“A woman arriving at an institution desk. Wearing a light purple overcoat. Carrying a black leather holdall reminiscent of the one containing the windows which Sofia gave the other woman. This one seems a little older than the previous one and a little more Mumsley.”

Sorry for technical problems. It’ll all work in the end.

I’m suggesting in these four dreamlets a development of the windows structure dream. A huge lot could be said about this, none of which may really matter as they are exit realm dreams (which most dreams I remember are) with the meat of the dream forgotten. Thus the dream is probably fulfilling its major role of keeping us healthy and sane without interference from our conscious minds. However, that inter realm of remembered dream is hugely important. The windows dream [in a Giant Leap of Imagination] was about a structure which I should be making.

In the windows dream I am somewhat of a lost soul in a realm of effectiveness. In these four dreamlets the realm of effectiveness has returned to the dreamer. The women waiting for the class to begin in a very futuristic place. The curving balconies/roadways hint of multiple planetary orbits as I have come to see over some years. The lecturer has arrived at the front desk. She is a down to earth looking woman and the star students, who are like young versions of the very superior woman Sofia handed the holdall to, have come to earth for learning. It is not all one way, that some superiors minds in higher dimensions seek to give us instruction. The instruction is right in our humanness if we can only allow it all to be.

So, big things are implied in little dreams and it doesn’t really matter if there are cosmic students at the lectures or just us. I tend to take these images somewhat literally thinking that the dream wouldn’t bother to put Mumsley in a mauve? majenta? coat if it didn’t have an essential meaning.

So, she’s back with the windows. Not passed off to some future generation, Tony. It’s all yours. I know you think you’re an idiot who can barely tap a hammer with a nail, and we’re giving you the all singing, all dancing tappahelgrambaphon which connects all minds throughout all of time and space, because nothing less will heal the world.

So you better get cracking. This is it, the start, the website.

Never mind. It will soon be Christmas and you can drink everyone’s health with a clear conscience.

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