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This is an account of dreams and synchronicities leading to my realisation that being is infinite. This has come particularly through dream discoveries post 2008 and throws a powerful light on early childhood experiences. These were written long ago in a pure attempt to describe the experience and not as the illustration of a theory. The later accounts of dreams and synchronicities are, I find, mind-boggling. I take no credit for these stories other than recording them accurately. My conclusions as to their meaning are all my own although I have been given many clues by such diverse people as the Buddha and Mr Higgs. This is not an intellectual story at all but one of pure experience. In order to get most out of this book it is best to believe everything I say. I do and still I don’t understand it. I often think how simple life might be if none of this had happened. In truth it would be like living without love, with very little sense of the impossible wonder of it all. This book is a journey through the bedrock of existence, a hard place but one where many jewels are found, each a facet of the universal reality.
It might also be fun to read.

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