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Gull Lane cover_edited-1

Joan Baker, a lady with a catastrophic personal history, buys a ruined club house of an abandoned dune golf course and turns it into a New Age centre. At age 10 her son Tom sees a flash on the horizon and shortly after is nearly drown by a great wave. Thereafter, at certain seasons, or after storms, they find ice on the beach. Tom is convinced it’s connected to what nearly drowned him. Ten years on he starts exploring and with help of various locals discovers the mysterious source of the ice.  Coincidentally a strange woman, Sally, comes to live at the Centre.  She is recognised by various health workers as a person with an extreme form of multiple personality disorder. One of her personalities is an advanced thought machine which has been travelling through the universe from world to world for an incredibly long time. The Centre has got used to letting people be themselves as a form of healing. Nutshell, a brilliant local theatre company, with whom Joan performed as the cyborg lady in Bride of Einstein, so they already have a feel for such things, like to extract their stories from the world and Sally’s world is real to Sally but is it possible that it is really real and that Sally isn’t just mad but that there is a doorway in her to another world. Steve Marshall, professor of mining; Montague Blackwood, necromancer and poet; the UK government in the form of the mysterious George Gissing and the US government, who destroyed Joan’s father’s tantric island, all seem to be interested in what is going on at Gull Lane.

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