The Books

The Books


Four years have gone by since I wrote this. It was frozen by some combination of technology and me. I would like to rewrite it but will not be able to start until I am confident it will work.


Through writing these books I have seen for myself the universe is one infinite energy field into which we totally fit. We are not just physical beings but our minds, our spirits, our souls have a home here. We are not, as modern science-based rationalism suggests, a deluded, meaningless by-product of a heartless evolution. Our souls are literally the infinite, one among an infinity of infinites. Extant religion does not allow this. If we are not equal co-creators we are better off without the concept of God. Knowing this has changed my whole view of what life is, how we interact with and assist in its development.

About this I can tell you nothing because we literally are that all-containing infinite. Our individuality is because of it. No one can hold the truth for another unless they hold them in the infinite and when they do they know they are infinitely free. If anyone has ever done this they have, perhaps inevitably, left no mark on history. The ones who have left a mark have all told us we don’t know what we are doing and should listen to them. In case there is any doubt, they have enforced their authority by acts of barbarous cruelty.

These books are what I have written over a lifetime in the growing awareness that the universe is one infinite energy field into which we totally fit. They contain no prescriptions but are simply how the infinitely aspected cosmic energy field played in me. They started as simple stories and became what they are over time. They still are simple stories but know they exist in the eye of the infinite. In this the intention is for them to be as helpful a contribution to the new age of essential freedom as could come through me. If you get even a squidgillion of the joy, the pleasure, the delight, the amazement I have received in writing them it will be like a pet elephant for Christmas with a whole forest in which to play.

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