Psi 3

Psi 3

The end of year season has been fairly hectic, what with being sick and all. For two days the new decade looked fresh and bonny and then our overlords started their usual antics and headlines in the papers included ‘is this WW3?’

We had a lot of dreams and dream processing takes time. Two to three hours isn’t unusual just to do one of us. And each time we come out having learned a whole other aspect to dreaming. All of this should be written up and thought about but it could take a week. By then seven more days dreams are clamouring for attention. 

The only way to deal with this is to be selective without knowing what to prioritise. Fortunately the dreaming adjusts to what we can deal with.

People who attend Psiberconference seem happy with what I’d call Psi 1, precognition, telepathy, meaningful synchronicity in general. A lot trend into what I’d call Psi 2, group dreaming for an outcome, influencing the world, even the weather. This steps beyond my scepticism boundary but I’m sure makes recipients of good wishes feel better, and we’ve all heard of the placebo effect and how it has often been scientifically proven to be the best medicine.

And then there’s Psi 3. I’m throwing this in as a story but I’m taking as evidence my psi experience of a lifetime ( – The Improbable Temple of Magic…) and the last two months blog on that website.

Sofia and I both dreamt of tall men on the same night. This sharing dream elements is a common experience for us. I suggest it is not that we are sending signals between our separate minds but that we are embedded in a common mind. Another aspect of this common dreaming mind is that it appears to know the future whereas our conscious selves do not until the dreamed of event arrives. I am suggesting this is not a group mind of us as a pair but of all minds. It fits the idea of God and includes all of time because it created time. This I am calling Psi 3, the power to create everything from nothing. Everything that exists partakes of its nature. So we are both the creation and the creator. In our waking mind we enact the creation, in our sleeping mind we tend towards the creator. 

(I am not saying any of this is true, just throwing out ideas to play with.)

In my novel Cell Walker’s Dream I had a problem of convincing time travel and in a dream a godlike figure showed me how it might be done.

Over Christmas, whilst deathly sick, Sofia and I researched the Great Pyramid and came up against the problem of how they put thousands of 2.5 ton stones in place every day! when modern buildings cannot be constructed at that rate.

With the latest technology the Burj Khalifa, a comparable building, though using under 10% of the material, was constructed at the rate of 100 Khufu stones a day. 

A problem in Pyramid construction was how to get around corners of a possible internal ramp. 


Turning the ascending blocks for the Pyramid at the corners. Turning them over through 90 degrees by some clever device but also by some movement from within themselves. Men did this but also some women. Strong and very individual women.

If Psi 3 can create and sustain a universe might a properly trained human share in that manifestation in some way? Part of our nature is the power that creates us although for thousands of years human society has constructed itself on a basis of not knowing. Our autonomy has been given over to or been violently taken by other people. Perhaps Egyptian society began more in a state of knowing Psi 2 or Psi 3 and the only evidence is what they have written and illustrated, which we take symbolically, not literally, and the puzzle of the Pyramid. How did they put in place up to 5000 solid, 2.5 ton stones a day when the best we can do with pumped concrete is the equivalent of 100?

Dreams don’t lie, though their telling me about flipping stones with the aid of some power in the belly may be all to do with my digestive system rather than how to build a pyramid. On the other hand, why would dreams, which don’t lie, bother with this story? And the dream doesn’t stop there but, as in the dream of the burning duck, it has more to say – to humans who think the biggest thing about them is their carbon, not their cosmic, footprint.

I apologise if this is hard to follow. I feel I’m trying to write it from both ends, the more or less total state of unknowing that is my everyday self, and knowing that something knows infinitely more and is talking to me in my dreams, and at whose true nature I can only guess. Intuit is a fancier word that probably takes us further from the truth.

It’s a funny business. If we think as ourselves we’re probably missing all the points. If we think as God we’re certainly kidding ourselves although it has to be true. It seems we can hold a course between them by paying close attention to our dreams. And if we don’t remember our dreams then human life has to be adjusted until we do.

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  1. Would Psy3 be like the universal unconscious wisdom, I cannot remember how Jung calls it, but he suggests that we access it at times, in dreams, meditation etc …?

  2. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice I had a reply. Ever since tuition was cancelled I’ve taken my eye off this site and from from Covid19 lockdown the world of January seems half a galaxy away. It would be interesting to rewrite just to see the difference.
    I imagine Psi3 is the collective unconscious Jung writes about. I imagine its truthfulness comes through its emerging from all the unconscious natural processes. None of these would seem to have any reason to lie to themselves, unlike consciousness which desperately needs to survive and will tells itself lies in order to feel better. Dreams, emerging from the unlying unconscious, seem much wiser. It seems strange that there should be a difference. Do animals lie to each other or themselves? They use camouflage, so perhaps the word ‘lying’ is what needs to be investigated. Perhaps lying goes deep into Nature and human lying is as natural as an octopus looking like a heap of stones. Since coronavirus’s astonishing impact on our society I no longer think Nature is something my little mind was built to comprehend. No so with dreams, however. As long as there are dreams I feel I’m getting some true information from beyond the borders of consciousness. But what if they were lying? And why? My experience of dreams suggests that this simply isn’t so. The only weakness in the system would appear to be interpretation by consciousness. Is this one powerful reason why we forget them? Until we can be trusted? – with the Crown Jewels??

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