NowHere 1

NowHere 1


Tony Hawkins


Attempting to make sense of precognitive dreaming, of which I have experienced and witnessed many examples, has led me to a type of theory of everything. 


The Universe is Nothing without me. 

When I/me has gone you/me will still be here. 

And when all/me has gone, what then?

Can me ever disappear? Possibly not. Precognitive dreaming suggests something in us exists beyond time, may even be creating time. 



Consider the imaginary dimension ‘D’, the basis of all science. 

0D (ZeroD) represents nothing and is not nothing, because you, complex creature, have imagined it. 

All dimensions share this Nothing of being imaginary, though they may grow into enough science to eat galaxies. 

1D is nothing but a line. 

2D is a space for a box label. 

3D is the box. 

You could say these three are space but space is nothing without time – 4D. 

What is time?………………….….waiting. 

What is waiting?  Consciousness – 5D?

As 3D reality is nothing without time so 4D is nothing without 5D. It is outer without inner; life without consciousness; reason without soul. 


The Christian Cross is a symbol for qualitatively higher dimensions being present in the ordinary. Two pieces of the plainest wood becoming a symbol for death and resurrection and all that has implied throughout history.

A poet may not have to go to such ridiculous metaphysical lengths and see worlds in the wood as it is.

Nothing is different and yet everything is different. 

A state within us beyond rational understanding but easily known, life making. Very like love if not love actually?


Thoughts about the future are the basis of Nature, about getting the next meal and not being eaten. Simple organisms working symbiotically led to more advanced ways of being until the process arrived at a creature like ourselves capable of making tools either for greater cooperation or conflict. Religions grew in this situation becoming dominant warrior cults rather like a Four Dimensional label on reality which stopped us at itself or even, as in Exodus 32:27/28 tore us away from ourselves. These religions became the warrior culture dominating the modern world. Science grew from them, becoming a countering materialistic dogma. Science believes it is the truest description of Nature, which it may be, but at base it is imaginary whereas Nature is not imaginary. At the moment it has reached a sticking point at the boundary between Four Dimensions and Five. In scientific terms this boundary rules out subjective experience. But the subjective is life itself, now ruled out as meaningful cause in its own self. This leads to a Darwinian world of increasingly elaborate survival in a war culture, deeply deeply distressing to visionaries, losers and humans in general and deeply destructive to Nature.


Only the fittest for approved battles are valued. Those unfit are considered burdens and if they can’t be made use of are at best looked after charitably or are brought to early death one way or another, either by neglect or extermination. In such a world the less Four Dimensionally gifted Steven Hawkings would not thrive or even survive.


In a 5D world, where universal subjectivity is known to be the basis of reality, such people would be valued simply because they are alive. Under such circumstances they would thrive and reveal who they are in essence. In freely living there is nothing else to do. Psychedelics better than Nature’s perfectly attuned highs are likely to be few and chocolate strawberries dipped in Port must pall long before death can save us.


At the Darwinian boundary are all the sorts of subjective experiences whose nature in a world where they might thrive is unknown. At the 4D/5D boundary is the world of dreams. It’s almost a rule that people very embedded in 4D don’t remember dreams or consider them of any value. The last I met was only yesterday, a highly articulate doctor who never remembered his dreams. A useful man, unlike me. Or is the world that simple? People who remember dreams seem to lead less embedded 4D lives, and they constantly report violations of 4D cause and effect. Does this prove such experiences are only products of stupid losers? Or does it suggest and could it prove that precognitive and psi dreams in general are the hoof prints of a hidden fifth dimension of dark materials stretching at full gallop?


Here we’re talking about not a mechanical extension of 4D but a phase shift, like ice to water. It is a shift from objective towards subjective. It moves from cause and effect occurring only in time to a relationship of inner to outer. An artistic impulse comes from within, expresses a quality independent of time. Thus cause cannot always precede effect if effect is source brought to fruition from and for the root of time. Cause becomes soul whose realisation must always be in the future. Though we are born knowing an essence of ourselves (in my experience) we certainly do not contain all we will become through living. 

Soul realisation is a life process.

In modern, ‘Western’ upbringing most of the innate visionary knowledge we are born with is forever lost, replaced by a rationalistic education messianically promulgated by science advocates.


The spiritual void is filled with material substitutes all of which, as we are learning in the 2020s, carry some form of corruption. This doesn’t mean we don’t potentially live more varied and interesting lives than our ancestors but corruption puts a limit on exploration. You are free to study the paranormal but don’t expect to get a mainstream job out of it, even though what you are studying leads to the real nature of causation.

Matthew 23, written 2000 years ago, tells us corruption is inbuilt into this material system. 

Dreams are a huge source of information about this, especially as they are subjective. They haven’t yet become partisan science and, although science and technology have become necessary, they must be limited because science as we know it is unlikely to thrive beyond the 4D/5D boundary. There the subjective, love imbued life, must dominate and although there will be a collectivity to this subjectivity, it cannot lose the personal. Without our selves there is nothing really alive.

We enter a world where soul qualities are most valued and are of most value among the losers of the 4D world of war. Almost as though 4D conflict creates 5D and is most easily understood if 4D in isolation has lost its 5D soul. All it knows is fighting and it fights to find it, unfortunately in a world riddled with corruption. But corruption of what? Another infinite, unfathomable question only answerable, if at all, by living evolution. 

In reality it is all working together. Precognitive dreaming is a symptom of the 4D – 5D transition or awakening. It is particularly valuable because it happens in individuals and in dreaming, which seems to be uncontaminated by 4D absolutism which says that cause must always precede effect in time, not that cause might be in a core of which time is a subsidiary. Precognitive Dreaming would be a bridge between transcendent or causal inner and the 4D mechanical mind. It isn’t predicting the future so much as stringing bridges between partial and total ways of seeing. The reality is more complex than this because our future does NOT exist until we get there and yet its qualities and even details seem already present. 

Christ carries a cross, a symbol for life as necessary endeavour/burden. Many relate it to an historical man who railed against the religious corruption which crucified him. Corrupt religion tells us the crucifixion is eternally meaningful. Naturally, it wants to stay in business. Can you imagine, this universe created out of nothing, has so little humour?


The future might carry whole planetary systems, as we might be/must be being carried now by previous/future races/our future selves joined with the inner source. As we learn to be like them we will find our own way and in turn carry others until they find their way. It looks as though our own first encounters, both as teachers and students, will be with sea mammals, and for them we need look no further than our own deep oceans. 

Swimmers and flyers must be very common in worlds of fluids and gasses and the plasma of stars and even worlds close to the superconducting zero of spacetime. Infinite geometries of soul, nowhere and everywhere, NowHere. 


Tony Hawkins  © 2021  1426 words

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