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This is difficult to write partly because it exists on the edge between imagination and reality and because my personal integrity is so involved with it making a meaningful contribution to the world. 

On one level we all contribute by being alive and it can be said that none of us has much imagination regarding this. To be is so remarkable that no orders of magnitude of superlatives can even scratch the surface of how remarkable it is.

If we say God did it, that God’s nature and acts lie at the bottom of my existence, this doesn’t tell us how or what went into it or why. Why may be easy. On good days I have a sense of soul and I owe something of its insights to you, my fellow beings, and especially you my friend with whom I have spent a long hard Christmas coughing. I want to make your life better than it would have been if you didn’t know me. 

I have this gift of awareness but what does that mean. I have come to think it means infinity, that remembering the old flint wall of the meadow bridge that sings for you both present and absent, is itself a manifestation of the infinite. This is not a mathematical infinity but one of love. Love which takes on a character of inspiration and which might well pop out of a flower and startle a Fibonacci.

Love also informs, I think, what I am trying to do, and if it could be true it would be a most startling breakthrough in consciousness. The difficulty is what does true mean at the edges of imagination? We want truths to feed the baby and not leave the poor thing dangling over a ditch. To make up for this I am suggesting a method, namely working with dreams, night dreams and especially dreams which don’t seem to amount to very much. 

Dreams are truth. There is little which goes on in the conscious human mind which is true but dreams seem to be and working with them trains the mind in the habit of truth. 

While truth is extremely necessary if any sort of life is to continue, we need two feet, two hands, two eyes, even two brains, if that life is going to be worth living. The other foot, hand, eye is imagination. And this is where we go wrong. And this is where we fall back on dreams. All truths are not small truths. Some are as big as you can ever think. But the biggest truths don’t come in big packages. They don’t need to. Where is love? In your hormones? Hardly. It is in the acts of being alive, in the first inspiration, and that has no weight at all. A still, small voice. Not even a voice.

This website is about working with dreams. It is not even about, it is working with dreams in the way that has evolved with me. This may not be the best way. Indeed, I’m sure there is no best way in terms of an acquirable method any more than there is a best way of being in love. All I am doing is demonstrating that something exists and this is how I deal with it. Either my method will prove useful and catch on or it will vanish, and nobody will be the loser except possibly me. But not really. I have spent nearly every day of my adult life in some kind of inspiration or other and it is those feelings which convince me this is real. My method of dealing with this reality may not work but there is definitely something here and let us hope human beings find the best way of dealing with it. This site is my attempt and because I believe working with dreams cannot ever wholly go wrong then I do believe there is something here for you.

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