A Giant Leap of Imagination a

A Giant Leap of Imagination a

Writing and dreams have taught me about states of the mind that are hidden from the normal world.

Where I am now, after 77 years of dreaming, is a long way down the track to somewhere. What I offer you is a chance to hop all that distance with me and then spring onwards, like elvish Jonathan at Gothenburg and land in the land of legend. 

The second jump is still the World Record 24 years later. Two of them together is unprecedented.


Today I am going to tell you a dream and a story that comes with it. 

The dream is as precise as I can present it. The story, about intelligent beings in other worlds and dimensions, is more speculative. 

I am seeing myself with pockets full of windows. Jacket pockets each side bulging equally. They would build a device if you would find the right place to stand very firmly, like the Vetruvean Man. There was a key to the structure in the form of a small, crazed window, one to each pocket. At some point Sofia is handing over a big, black bulging case full of windows to the woman smartly dressed in a beautiful, earthy green tweed suit. Sofia is reaching over a black object like a car or part of a car. The woman reaches as if to take it lightly between finger and thumb, not realising how heavy it is. She already has things in her arms though they do not appear to be heavy. The transfer happens in the deep bottom of a dip in a country road. She is surprised by the weight and now has to walk up the steep hill to the right with the hard burden of the windows. Mostly I am watching me externally as the one carrying the windows bulging in my pockets like saddle bags. All the time I am thinking about the structure.

The dream moves on to a very tall man, 7 – 8 feet (2.13 – 2.44 metres), dressed in pale cream suits, four or five layers or more. Each fits on the other perfectly, so there is no sense of bulging but of perfect tailoring, unlike my hugely bulging pockets. We people of ordinary human height surround him as darker figures, almost silhouettes. He is communicating to us with his silent, superior presence. The lapels of his outer suit are like wings. Each suit in has smaller lapels and the fourth suit has a very clear grid pattern which, though it is straight, says something to me of spider web. Each suit layer has very subtle grids, barely noticeable. I associate this gridlikeness with my windows. Whatever structure my windows relate to seem fully realised in his suits, perhaps a separate structure to each layer. Because of this I have already related it to my emerging stories of other worlds. 

When she is awake Sofia is saying she is trying to remember a dream. Because we often have congruent dreams I decide to throw her a piece of my dream. I’ve never done this before. I say, “Is there a very tall man?” She is startled because there is.

“How did you know!”

“Just a guess.”

And now the story.

I should have written this when I woke up. Probably as well I didn’t. Another day in the Impeachment of Donald Trump is frightening the life out of me. After all, I live for imagination at the edges of possibility. Seeing what my fellow humans can do with it in the shape of the contemporary Republican Party has taken me as close to the edge of losing faith in human beings as I have ever been. Fortunately I believe artificial intelligence will serve us better on the level of basic material survival, leaving humans free to do what they can do best which, strange to tell, is dream and imagine.


On this website are over a million words all of which contribute something to the story of the stories.

I imagine it will only reach human beings through the artificially intelligent matrix of some future world or other dimension – although I intend to voice record  in order to make them more accessible to humans.

To access this story now I’ll have to put a selection of writings into a little pot labelled Eat Me Now. I might have managed that by the New Year of 2020 when, hopefully, we shall all feel a little better.

That is still a month away, and for the sake of the 5,000,000 of us who will have passed on, one or two of whom might be reading this, I’ll tell you my latest thinking applied to this dream.

Fifty years ago I had a dream of God which revealed, over time, a knowledge of coming world events. Writing, throughout my life, has also proved prophetic. I now accept that the conscious waking mind is a tiny part of a much greater mind, spirit, state of being. For one thing, if we only look at the dreaming part, it always tells the truth, rather in the way that gravity always draws things together. It has no reason or capacity to do otherwise. So it is with the great mind beyond dreaming. Its only interest in you is in your total self fulfilment according to its understanding of such things. The plain reason being that it is you. It is not separate from you. It does not thrive in being your critic.

So to our dream brought about by our relationship with the greatest of all spirits. I shouldn’t say that, but if you are one of the five million, why not? Keep it simple.

Over the years I’ve come to accept that certain dreams suggest other inhabited worlds. And they are interested in us. ‘Interested’ is a human word born out of our wormhole lives. What it means on a cosmic scale one can only wonder.

Usually dreams I relate to other worlds have multiple characters. This dream has one character wearing multiple suits, all very similar. The me character is wearing nothing like a suit. His jacket has pockets the size of saddled bags full of windows and yet there is a clear relationship to the man’s sharp suits. Their subtle gridness shows a clear relationship with each other and with the rectangular windows. The windows can be made into a structure using the key which is ‘crazed’ meaning finely cracked or treated to make it opaque. Crazed also means crazy. Perhaps I could have chosen another word than crazed as a key to the windows’ structure. How many things could it refer to? Windows of computers, the Internet. I am building a website and seek the key to making its structure meaningful and beautiful. I also need to do simple double-glazing on my house windows. At the same time my body is suffering a lot due to health issues, so it feels like that dejected looking jacket and trousers. This in contrast with the giant man’s sharpness. He could, of course, be the Internet with its hidden layers based on a simple frame or web. But I suspect the web on which it’s based is more than a human technical web. 

Both our dreams have a tall man and steep roads. I relate my potentially structured windows to his very structured suits and in her dream Sofia has to help the man and in mine she gives the briefcase full of windows to the woman. I am suggesting this takes the dreams out of the honey comb structure of collective human consciousness into some wider dimension.

The woman’s unfamiliarity with weight makes me wonder if she is human. She is very beautiful and sophisticated in her immaculate skirt suit with its subtle, earthy greens. A surprising combination, and especially her having to walk up what I am now seeing as a gravity well from the black bodied handover place, to carry the black bodied bag. A sort of night world object lacking the need to be  visually colourful. And still the windows are unformed into their structure. Perhaps she is the one to do that. She and the man of suits.

A last thought for now on this story. 1995, curiously the year Jonathan Edwards set his World Record, humans identified their first extra solar planet. Now we know of 4000. Perhaps it is time for us to identify our first extraterrestrial civilisation. I doubt this will involve external science as we know it but something much more internal. A civilisation external to us is distant in space but also time. Some very sophisticated science involving the structure of being itself must be involved in communicating between them. Having attained this state, it would be like a common self wearing different but structurally compatible suits amounting to something bigger than themselves individually – hence so much taller than the surrounding people?

It would seem, according to this interpretation of these dreams, that we are on the brink of being able to construct such a suit for ourselves. How much help will we need? How much help can there be? I think there is some. I think there is a life raft floating in inner space. Passing our knowledge into its keeping might be as tenuous as a delicate transfer between fingers – and of women – not the muscular heroes of Earth myth.

Subtle, but not inhumanly subtle if me and Sofia can do it.