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Home One

As this site is mainly to do with dreams it’s hard to say they are a person more than a field of events taking place when I am not really there in any capacity other than asleep.

Me, Myself, My Thing

What it takes to be us is all the infinity that exists, the source of which is love. Easily said but is my love like your love and is our love like It’s love? At its deepest, yes. When we know this in our bones there will be a civilisation such as we have never seen or imagined. A key to getting there from here is the study of dreams, which will reveal a higher dimensional mind than allowed by science and make science more human. Rational materialism can be both secular and religious. Religion was certainly part of the recipe for the industrial revolution. It doesn’t matter which side of this argument you come from. The mind that will be revealed by the study of dreams transcends both.

This website is not a study of dreams but is the dreams themselves. And there are the novels which come from dreams and are a Dreaming, a working with the forces of Nature, what the old stories called gods. We invite them to be human while they need us to be godlike – which is the most interesting state we can be in, like being in love with the world. When we awaken, partly through the exploration of dreams, all aspects of the godly will be present. It is now. Much can be done by simply saying hello. And the best hellos are our response to dreams, and it’s never too late to start.

Ultimately there are no universal rules for dreaming. It is part of our infinity, the love that makes and sustains our uniqueness. It is a hard truth that we are alone in our infinity. But look around at all these other lonely, infinite beings. Where we meet is the community of love which more than contains the infinite aloneness if we allow it.

For better or worse, this is the story of everything.