Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As it’s the 1st of January 2020 I decided to write something by hand. This is always difficult for me because in childhood I had some serious trouble over the physics of writing and nuns.


The Inner Structure is like the skeleton of the Real which here is called All Bounding Infinite or Love. Science is the study of the skeleton and metaphysics is the study of the All Bounding Infinite yet these two are one, the Real. The study of the Real should be at home with both.

ABI = Love is unlimited because it HAS/IS transcendent qualities innately shared by green circles. These are not patterned transcendencies, which would simply be more structure, but living intelligence most closely approximated by the word Love.

For instance…

…Sofia and I independently dream of very tall men surrounded by shorter people.

This could be telepathy


Inner congruence Merry Christmas CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas


All the coincidences of my lifetime, starting with Aberfan, amount to a narrative rather than a bunch of…

…meaningless events.

Part of the narrative is about human beings building a machine wherewith to prove the existence of higher dimensional being.

In my recent dreams it is the man wearing many check patterned suits. He could be different civilisations, separated by giant distances of time and space, that nevertheless overlap each other in transcendent qualities and can function as a single entity delivering a simple message.

That message can related to the entire universe as we have the big, transcendental circle as part of our own nature. Indeed, the purpose of these…

…dreams is to draw attention to our transcendental nature, and once this is achieved, to then understand what this means in terms of living.


Which is the work of giants.

Sofia and I dreamt our tall men on the same night, 28th November. Dreamt alone, mine could be the same story but there would be nothing to corroborate it. Two dreams similar – in group dreaming there is often more – suggests a common creative intelligence, which I am suggesting is not small and local but the All Bounding Infinite Love itself. All such paranormal events are evidence of universal creative intelligence. Once this has been demonstrated to science we will know that we are gods and what that means for life. By following our dreams this won’t become rigid and dead but continuously creative.

28th December 2019, I have my very tall young man in my Days After Khufu dream. In embracing me he bent right over me like the Sky Goddess Nut.

Writing this as a story we’ve got the backing of the dreams. And if you read the whole story over up to a hundred times, as I have, it’s like having learned another language, one which has been staring us in the face all the time.

From the precognitive elements of Aberfan and the Moon Landing right up to events of last week with Khufu and his stone moving army.

What if we could prove that we are part of an active, pan-dimensional, universal intelligence, soul, spirit.

It might make no difference to the people of faith but it might mean the difference between life and death for the rest of us.

And we’re all in the same boat.

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