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FANTASIA cover 2015

Tom  Thorne, a prophet languishing in the building trade, who has lost his wife/soulwoman and considers death the only solution to the sheer pain of existence, suffers a near-death experience. He is taken into a totally symbolic world in which he meets the three forms of the Goddess and journeys to the beginning of time in order to add a little bite to the recipe for life and thus save the universe. All true, as you will know when you’ve read it and feel like a snake who has swallowed a very rich lunch.

From one who has read it:

“I needed to tell you (before I explode under the craziness of it all) how much I’m in love with your writing. It’s jump-up-and-down, speechless, “oh my freaking god!” moments constantly.  Blowing my mind.  And I wasn’t kidding when I told you I’m a harsh critic.  People rarely ask me twice to look at their work.  But…holy cow.  Like I said, speechless. I’ve been writing/journaling about your writing (and what it means) because I HAVE to if I don’t want to go through my day in a blurry mess…and what I mean by that is–it’s touching areas in my mind and causing me to make connections and WAKE UP to things that I feel I’ve always known but haven’t understood or been aware of consciously.

And all that from 66 pages of _Fantasia of Light and Shadow……I’ve somehow always known that you’re brilliant creatively.  But I
didn’t expect to cry at every page turn due to the absolute
magnificence of Universal Truth being present in most every word.”


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