Elementary Speed Bumps

Elementary Speed Bumps

19th June 2019

This is the latest attempt to communicate through the possum we are attempting to communicate through. 

You could ask why we bother to work with a possum when we could find someone intelligent and worthwhile like:

The answer, miaow, is that everyone is a cosmos and if any one takes an interest in the everythingness of everything then they are the authority on everything if no one else takes an interest.

The story on this website is that dreams are personal, collective and cosmic, all at once. You don’t have to build a giant telescope to view the very distant – though you might build one to view the very near – you simply have to look at your dreams. They will tell you more about everything as it most matters to you than anyone else can.

This is more or less obvious but we have never realised how vast dreams are.

This is a mistake which this website does not make.


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