Dreams in Global Evolution. An Opportunity

Dreams in Global Evolution. An Opportunity

Dreams are a universal human resource which is very little used in our society. This is probably because the contemporary social system wants to extract the maximum energy from the greatest number of people to fulfil its version of reality. Anyone who attends to dreams will certainly start thinking for themselves and using their energy personally and creatively. The way to stop people remembering dreams is to make them wake to alarm clocks, rush to work, work until the only time left to themselves is a flop in front of the telly with a beer, or similar thought replacement, and wake after not enough sleep to repeat again and again for generations. The number of people who ever break this pattern is probably one in many thousands although enforced idleness through unemployment and retirement would seem to offer opportunities. Unfortunately the old, after a lifetime of service, are completely unable to think of their own dreaming as a meaningful investment and the unemployed are expected to put in an eight hour day searching for work on dispiriting quantities of calories. And after a 5 WEEK wait for universal credit, the fear is really in them. They want to be back on the treadmill and never stray again.

NOW we have enforced idleness on the entire planetary population. If even a handful of us in every community seized this opportunity, things will never quite go back to the way they were, a mindless, nightmare drive towards extinction.

If you’re interested in sharing a dream, please do. You don’t have to share with me but with a trusted friend or relative. If you want to share with me please note I have been working with dreams for over fifty years so, like any artist, I have gone down a private road not quite travelled by any other human being, but was travelled enough for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) to allow me to contribute to 13 of their annual conferences, 10 online and three in person. This doesn’t mean they endorsed what I was saying, only that they were curious enough to listen.

I say this because some of the psychotherapeutic community like to police creative evolution through dreaming as though a crime were being enacted, even though they know no more than any other bunch of people what dreams are actually doing other than what they allow they are doing. I expect them to turn up here and put a damper on this creative suggestion. All I can do is say try it and see.

My own experience suggests that dreams can be taken at an individual or at a group level and I strongly suspect the real dreaming is global. If we ever do get to a real civilisation I expect a major part of the information which guides us to come from the global level of dreaming, rather like a weather forecast for the collective psyche. This is likely to include far more than the human community. Creatures, flowers, rocks, suns, black holes and even and especially and most obviously the creator of the entire universe, if there is such a thing. But there is a higher intelligence manifest in dreams. It may not look like traditional God but once you see the extraordinary, super-conscious insight and wisdom of even the most ordinary seeming dream, you will certainly know there is some greater guiding wisdom than your conscious mind and even the collective consciousness of all of us. (Not difficult).

So, I’ll say again, even if you’ve never remembered a dream in your life, try to remember. You don’t have to talk to me about it but you can if you like.

I follow IASD guidelines as best I can

This states that dreamwork is therapeutic but is not a replacement for psychotherapy.

That the dreamer owns the dream and no one can tell them what it means but there is a way to make suggestions. ‘If this were my dream it might mean’. This comes from the Ullman Method, a summary of which can be found on page 127 of Montague Ullman’s Appreciating Dreams.

The point I am trying to make is that dreams are important and even essential to a livable civilisation and now is an opportunity to bring them more into global awareness.

Tony Hawkins

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