Days After Khufu

Days After Khufu

It is the 28th of December and so much has happened in our dreams and talking it could be a whole book.

I am writing it up for the time when you will be able to give it attention although by then you may be giving attention to your own dreams, which would be better.

“I’d keep looking ahead, if I was you.”

I’ve travelled in a car with Sofia to a station. It feels like Kings Cross Station in London but it’s much smaller and the streets are tighter and more crowded. In a loose group as if waiting in a queue are people I know from different places, different times – none of which I recognise when awake. I am particularly aware of one couple at the back. He has a broad cheeked, light brown face which reminds me of the whispering face from long ago in one of my stories. Then he was an old man. Now he looks young middle aged.

There is one very tall young man shirt open to the waist. He is the one. The important one. I am amazed how friendly he is. He is so tall he bends right over as he hugs me. I notice his skin has that slightly cold clammy sweaty as the hand of the young woman who put the endoscope down my throat at the hospital. But the feeling of welcome is huge, as though I had made it back to my spiritual family, the loving energy of which is so real, as though I had achieved something great.

We sit down together at the station. There are no seats, only assorted bits and packages. We are near the ground and I am trying to eat the remains of my ‘corned beef’ sandwich. It is very narrow, little more than a crust, I am piling up the too red meat but it keeps falling off. I don’t get to eat it.

At one point, as if confessing, I say to the young man “I don’t know where I am.” As though this was a rather serious failing. “Sofia booked the car and I just came along for the ride. We got off at a place.” As I say that I begin to recognise a small part of the main street ahead, like a shop’s worth, as part of Oxford Street.

Now we’ve walked into a room somewhere in the city. The room of a large house. At the back, behind waist high stacks of what look like technical/radio equipment, stand two pairs of young men. The room is dark as if it is daylight but with the heavy curtains drawn. I and the young man are talking about when he did art with me. 

“It was different…” he said

   …very different!”

I said “was it!”

I have a sense of something unorthodox but successful.

I am looking into the fireplace/grate, which is empty and clean but for a screw of paper? either he or I have thrown there. In my memory it resembles the sheet of metallic paper Sofia’s finger was pointing at which we related to Pakal’s coffin lid. 

I glimpse behind me and see two more pairs of identical young men standing behind technical equipment. These are to my left. The original two are still there I imagine, now to my right.  That would mean eight young men in a row behind.

The tall young man seems to have changed into Sofia who has her arms around me from behind and is saying “I’d keep looking ahead – if I was you.” 

There’s a feeling as if we’re about to become part of a radio programme or similar. 

The dream ends with that “I’d keep looking ahead, if I was you.” In a friendly way but with a hint of knowing my vulnerabilities. EOD

The tall young man relates to my tall windows man and I relate him also to the Egyptian sky Goddess Nut, who is often depicted naked and is most obviously based on the Milky Way. The strip of naked flesh between his open shirt suggests this. His ambiguous sexuality fits with stories of Horus and Set.


Two Star-Measuring Pits.

Sofia and I are walking together, almost in lock step, positive, friendly, in dune country possibly near the sea. The land is directly behind us but the path turns right along the dune line and passes two pits in line beside it and perhaps 30 metres apart. Each pit has a different ambience of function. The near one is dark, the farther one lighter. 

We had nothing to do with these pits. We were just walking past the first one. We hadn’t got to the second. I knew if we stood in the pits we would see stars in the bottom. EOD

The measurement which could be made from the pits was almost like magnetic variation but I suspect fits time measurement Sofia and I were talking about due to Precession of the Equinoxes. (The 26,000 years great circle the Pole Star describes in the sky and which some people use to date unknown or imaginary civilisations.) Which brings me to the simple structure (the windows) that I am obviously setting out to make.

It’s a complete mystery to me what it could possibly be although we’ve had Khufu now, which is hardly revolutionary although the industrial scale of the undertaking is hard to imagine.

I don’t know how I’m engaging with these star beings/extraterrestrials other than through dreams. That’s the field of the tool and it’s very hard to retain dreams. Something has to come from the dreaming as well as me remembering them. Certainly tonight the “keep looking forward” felt like a jump in that direction.

Cattle coming

I am standing with my back to a low, long building, like a row of alms houses, in the midst of fields. Lots of young calves – 20? and as many adults. There are people walking through, possibly coming with them. 

The cattle are black with flecks and flashes of white. It’s as if I’d just stepped out the door from the alms houses although I seem unable to step back in to protect myself. It’s as if I am always outside. 

A young calf recognises me and hurls itself towards me. Now all the calves and cattle are galloping towards me. I fear to be trampled. They seem angry. I can see there upper rows of teeth, horseshoe shaped. Many of them, the calves and adults. EOD

Researching this afterwards Sofia discovered cattle do not have upper teeth at the front. She suggested the vertical horseshoe shape is of a human being screaming – me aged three when I was stung by hornets as my mother was showing me a Jersey cow through a hedge. In the hedge was a nest of hornets, the really nasty hairy ones. “I was pulling them off you.” “You swelled up to twice your size.” It was a life changing event. My mother had introduced me to a pain which poisoned the root of the world – until then a place of overwhelming wonder. But she couldn’t have. But she did.

What I did with this was a feat of mind twisted intelligence of which we seem capable when traumatised young. I was always afterwards afraid of cows and the land seemed full of pain. I always thought it was the Second World War. Now, talking it over with Sofia, I see it as far more likely to be the hornets. The calves and the cows were covered in small, tight curls, unlike cows but suggestive of those hornets.

Following Khufu I was looking at Egyptian mummies. The upper skull of one, showing a full set of teeth, was a perfect illustration of my dream. This takes me to the hypothesis of other lives. I know nothing of this although I know through dreams I am tracking a universal awareness that must include everything and when we have a sense of this in our minds it is likely to include degrees of shared consciousness. Our much vaunted notion of privacy will probably be extinct and making  love will indeed be a beast with two backs with a universe between.

One of the women was wearing a hat like the person in this rock painting.

(unfortunately I can’t find a public domain version.)


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