All of Me and All of Us

All of Me and All of Us

I have a feeling that something is hidden from the world in the way that our orbiting the sun was once hidden or even violently suppressed. (Giordano Bruno.) All that was required was a spark of imagination and the freedom to investigate. I am haunted by the feeling that there is a simple truth about ourselves which is staring us in the face but which we haven’t yet imagined and which, as modern, scientifically influenced people we increasingly daren’t imagine. 

This truth must be many faceted according to each of us but at its core must be our overall origin. Whatever created us intimately is us. If we call it God we are God, I am God. This that I am is all of you. All of time, that is now called spacetime. All of this and its origin. Knowing this would come with a chaos of knowledge which the contemporary conscious mind could not handle. But something can. At the core of this must be a giant simplicity transcending all of us. Surely knowing that allows me to know this, for my personal consciousness to carry something of this as my own personal jewel. A talisman. The greatest of these must be to have given birth to somebody, which is the great power of women lost in the fallen man mess of our society. For myself it is the ‘paranormal’ in dreaming. I am prepared to believe there are potential ways I have never imagined.

In my experience dreams apparently violate the laws of physics and should be thoroughly and properly investigated. But the new truth is not some form of higher dimensional mechanics but to do with the experience of being, and a proper experience of being has been resolutely denied us throughout the period known as history. History, writing, depended on the rise of kings whose primary need was to control their subjects, making them slaves and themselves slave masters, resulting in a very narrow window upon the world. 

This evolution of slavery is what we know as the development of society. Today people are enslaved to money but more perniciously to debt. This organising culture, rationalistic, monetarist, scientific, is the window through which we see the world. What else might be is unknown and anathematised so that the more educated a person might be in the current culture, the more of a stake they have in it, the more they are opposed to alternatives. Religion is not an answer but in the current world science has become a religion, one which supports a monetarist form of materialism dominated by imaginary wealth. Every so often the system bumps into a little reality, such as the sub prime mortgage fiasco involving many imaginary properties and garden sheds, and this is called recession. 

What is the nature of this reality which causes global markets to lose value? I can only say in my experience precognitive dreaming violates the science of the market and my recent encounter with Khufu calls into question basic assumptions about physical reality. Unless they are given a lot more time in which to do it, Khufu’s stone masons are operating several times faster than seems practically possible. That all the engineering wit of modern times hasn’t worked out how they did it seems very strange and leaves a door open to another kind of possibility, that 5000 years ago, at the dawn of history, certain humans possessed powers which have subsequently been bred or bludgeoned out of us. What that might be I don’t know but if dreams at a basic physical level violate the rules of science then might not dreaming itself offer some insight? To me precognitive dreaming is not the end of the story but the beginning. When I had a problem about how to explain time travel in a novel or abandon that aspect, I had the following dream.

Two time travel elements at Callanish. Seemed to be a Harry Potterish old boot portal corner of stone walls on one side and a piece of a gatepost on the other two hundreds years apart. When I made the connection between them a pattern appeared on the ground made of 2D human shapes, angular arms almost like jug handles, Spider Man colours. Like an Aztec god, moving into 3D, an infinite series of dark, thin layers, like photographic film, growing skywards into an infinitely tall tower ending in an old man’s head, godlike, looking sadly down. Like a Leonardo da Vinci drawing. Also a hint of Green Man.

All of clock time matched and was the total time of God. ‘Time travel’ became intelligible if one had the exact technical equivalent of God – suggested by the 2D ‘Aztec’ gods becoming 3D. It did suggest that time travel could never happen because its potential lay in the eternal state of God who built things as they are for godlike reasons not the lesser monkey meddling of man. However, this God was sad. A more blissful state might entail all manner of revelations.

And so it went. A cataract of thought poured from this dream and time travel had found its way into my story as a theoretical possibility. The time traveller still might be mad. She did not willingly see the world she apparently came from.

This God is the Real but religion has become slaver politics. Science as religion has no more interest in truth than any other religion but is concerned only with its own survival. This it will dismiss as nonsense because the truth it deals in is self evidently the truth even though that truth adheres not to knowledge but to method and to peer review which means tow the line or suffer excommunication. Nobody wants to be alone. We all want to belong to the best club that will have us. 

Science takes a feature of the world, quantity, and claims more for it than it’s due. Even naming quantity as a feature of the world is questionable because it has no meaning beyond human evaluation. I need a large t-shirt, you a small one but both are tiny besides the t-shirts of Mt Everest and neither says anything about our innate natures. This is true of all quantities which can be applied to us despite Google Analytics having our coffee purchasing history and confidently identifying our favourite. They will be wrong because a more true category would be least worst or just drinkable.

Regarding categories of physical reality, weight, effort, muscle strength, I am completely at a loss to understand that anything could be different from the way I know it to be, basically common sense fact. When I was running, daily distances of 8 – 10 kilometres, a good day was seconds better than a bad one. About twice a year those few seconds might amount to a personal record. Physical miracles never happened although there were occasional astonishing moments of another sort.

One morning I woke from a dream of seeing black numbers, 8.38, in very bright sunlight. I went off for my run in Finsbury Park and, unusually, ran a timed lap. (I was always slower in the morning.) It was a bright, sunny day. When I stopped the watch I found myself looking at the black figures 8.38.88. This remains my lifetime best for Finsbury Park. 

Just one of many precognitive moments, synchronicities of physical reality and dreams, which suggest that the hidden Real has a sense of harmony or humour and which, if you consider it is infinitely whatever it is, might best be felt as some kind of summit of love. Certainly that incident is like a smile within me that has lasted 40 years.

Which brings me back to Khufu. 2,300,000 2.5 ton stones quarried and placed in the agricultural downtime of 10 to 20 years. 100 days a year. 1000 to 2000 days. 2300 to 1150 stones a day, average. There will be quicker times and slower, and it takes no account of the time taken to cover it all in white facing stones, which was the whole point of the operation. If the quickest part of the work was twice as fast as the average, that is 4600 stones a day. And if we take off 25% for the facing, the maximum rate for the core stones rises to almost 6000 stones a day. In the light of all this I’m comfortable with a maximum of 5000. 

12,500 tons of stone per day. A London double decker bus weighs about 12.5 tons. 5 Khufu stones, 1000 buses. 

Each bus is about 12 metres long. If you allowed 15 metres per bus and parked them 4 abreast in wider roads, such as The Mall between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, you would need about 4 kilometres of road to park them. Given some sections could only take two busses abreast we’ll need 5 kilometres of road. 

From Trafalgar Square all down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, all along Constitution Hill to Hyde Park Corner, all the way back along Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus. That’s 3 kilometres. Up Shaftesbury Avenue, two abreast, Charing Cross Road to Tottenham Court Road and all the way up Tottenham Court Road to Euston Road. 

A thousand double decker busses parked in 5 kilometres of prime London roads. At a tourist stroll, with two or three stops for meals, it would take you all day to walk it and then I doubt many would make it.

They have no wheels and to get a bit of verisimilitude re quarrying you’ll have to cut them up into five pieces, probably with hacksaws. Oxyacetylene is not available. And you’ll have to drag them to Hyde Park, and assemble them into a meaningful part of one of the original wonders of the World. You’ll have to clear them all in a day, in fact 12 hours, because you’re going to have to do the same tomorrow and for a thousand days spread over ten years. And this with something so massive you have to get it right first time every time. There is no chance of shuggling afterwards.

This strikes me as impossible, not a few seconds quicker than normal but whole magnitudes greater. If all the engineering wit of our mighty scientific civilisation can’t explain it then perhaps there is another kind of explanation, something hinted at, in my small world, by 8.38. 8.38 violates the monodirectional cause and effect structure of scientific rationalism. The dream couldn’t have caused the time (could it?) but a kind of reverse causality might have influenced the dream. Or a higher dimensional Present might have embraced both in a singularity which includes my smile and continuing amazement 40 years later. A field of quality or value transcending a cause and effect structure whose most significant expression is Darwin’s grim struggle for survival. Very little to smile about unless you’re at the top of the food chain and then only as long as there’s someone to be eaten.

It’s easy to see why science would anathematise precognition but, of course, it’s not precognition if you don’t know about the future event until it’s happened. There’s probably a clue here. Science isn’t violated in the realm of consciousness and it’s dependent structures but another sort of mind is revealed

Apart from bringing two times together in another sort of present what else can this ‘mind’ do? I don’t know but the anomaly of Khufu has caught my attention. If no reasonable explanation can be found then I would consider the unreasonable. In my case this would not involve rationalisations over consciously understood structure requiring fancy forces. Just as precognitive dreaming provides a glimpse into a higher dimensional mind whose true nature would be chaos to our conscious selves, so the singular energies of this state might provide other kinds of glimpses, physical ones which someone must understand in order to safely make use of them. Your average farmer of the Old Kingdom may have been open to these forces in the way of superstition or working with gods to sew seeds, and perhaps he took techniques for moving big stones in his stride when overseen by a knowledgeable wizard.

It would seem that to explore this as a scientific programme our first need is an appropriate mental alignment, which in my case means staying open to the state which the precognitive dreams of my experience have left me. Whatever I name it or proclaim it will not give me the guidance available in the next dream. In time we will have a conscious programme. It may not involve the ability to easily move big stones – that was suitable for a megalithic time which hadn’t yet invented the wheel. What will happen in our time? Perhaps the direct creation of chaos computers that can demonstrate the all times in one mind, an incidental side effect of which is to cancel features of spacetime and gravity and the material structure of the mind of slave and slaver.

It doesn’t matter what the truth might be in terms of a conscious material strategy. We will never ‘understand’ this in the conscious realm of slaver and slave. We must simply pay attention to our dreams and allow the pure and infinite chaos to guide us. This is true whatever the case or whatever we believe to be the case. The rationalist structure must learn that to thrive, to be alive, it needs the chaos mind. 

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