Addendum to A Giant leap of imagination

Addendum to A Giant leap of imagination

On Monday 2nd December Sofia recorded a dream she’d had over the weekend. She called it Piruli, meaning lollipop, and standing for the decorative towers found in many major cities.

Right at the end she said the following. When I have found how to trim the 11 minute recording I’ll provide her voice.

‘There is another bit where I am giving a presentation. I write down the four things that affect me and how I deal with them. Part of the list is written but part of it is using organic things from the earth, and they have to do with a book which has two versions. Because I want to refer to the book I ask for the page number of the people that are around me, but because there are two versions it’s very difficult to the find the page number for this exercise.’

This rang a bell with something I had encountered in the previous week. It was such a vague memory that I wondered if it could also have been a dream. Eventually it came to me. I spent much of Tuesday, 26th November looking at Moshe Feldenkrais videos, even sitting through 1 hour 26 minutes of Jeff Haller where at 1 hour 24.48 he holds up a book and says.

“Right there, 1949. There are so many cues, right here. If you simply recognise this is a letter to Freud saying your ideas on psychoanalysis are silly. That your neurosis is hidden in your muscular habit. And if a person was to find another way of being organised in themselves they would not maintain their historic muscular response…”

“…What’s Beth saying?”

“There’s some question about the page number and someone said 169 and then Beth said my book doesn’t have that many pages.”

“It’s 126 on the old version.”


What I’m drawing from all these twinly coincidences is not necessarily the twinning. That could just be something the deep intelligence is doing right now to capture our attention. This is where in the past people got hung up on a passing moment and made it sacred and killed the deep intention.

What I am saying is that the deep intelligence contains all the honeycomb consciousness throughout time and there may be many ways of communicating between cells and cell groups which are more effective and useful than a voice of God from the sky, particularly as people who hear voices may not be in the best shape for redeveloping society.

It occurred to me that since Jonathan began his leap – which is still alive as the current World Record – we have gone from discovering our first extra-solar planet to knowing of 4000. And yet our knowledge of life out there is still zero and we are in far greater crisis. If there is a mediating intelligence, something that could talk to us and is not a supreme and perhaps indifferent immortal god, now would be a time to meet it.

In reality it’s already there and has been for a long time present in our dreams. The evidence is these strange coincidences which Sofia and I are having. It is not that we are telepathic but that there is a third mind in our dreaming. If we are considering extraterrestrials capable of long distance oversight of our planet then there may be hundreds of them but amounting to a single entity in how they confront us. So the relationship is relatively simple. They function like a classic, polymathic tutor whose capacities are both earthy and sublime.

I think in this area of the technical we are most likely to find scientific proof. We can study the ‘paranormal’ between ourselves, telepathy, precognition, coincidence, and have soon defined a higher dimensional aspect to consciousness. It doesn’t matter at this stage of pending destruction whether it’s ours or theirs or all of us. What works must be practical for humans but it might help us if we think that some highly developed intelligence is working with us and our duty is to pay attention to exactly what it is delivering. In the case of Sofia and myself it is to work as completely as possible with our dreams. Yours too, when you have finally woken up to their importance.

In my case my technical expertise is ziltch, hence my pockets full of unstructured windows. But I am just aware enough to consider that the man in the square and rectangular patterned suits has the structure in many corresponding but not necessarily concurrent forms. Their times may be separated by billions of years but the higher dimensional structures they have created transcend time’s limitations.

Between him and me there is a need to build a bridge. But Sofia gives the bag of windows to the smartly dressed woman. They have a way of bridging and right now. If we consider the classic roles of male and female, perhaps it gives us a clue. In fact everything in the dream is a clue, a perfect, staring us in the face, plain and simple clue. We just have to make the world a friendlier place for our dreams.

At least that’s my bit of the story. No doubt there are others.

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