Let Me Think About That

The shelf at Slieve Rua

Two years and Covid have passed since I was here. I used to think I was writing to I found people so hard to contact. Now I am writing to the invisible. So I may not bother with the effort of words. But it always worked for me, so I probably will, now and then, interspersed with the invisibles. 

It’s nice to do something on the website, and it doesn’t matter in a human sense what. It will be interesting to see what happens. For me. I would like it to be interesting to you but so much hypnogogic energy between words means you’ll get almost nothing of it anyway.

Perhaps Haikus?

Hello world. I’m doing my presentation in a week. The aerial conference. And then what?


I have been channeling books from unknown cosmic sources since I was very small, or perhaps a bit larger.

I didn’t know I was doing this until recently.  Or, put it another way, I gave up resisting everybody else telling me that was what I was doing. This meant we were all on the same page regarding what was going on.

I was very misfittened into human society for reasons that it’s hard to go into so for simplicity I say I am a Martian.  I certainly had no sensible sense of human society, getting properly qualified, careered, mortgaged and married. The first time I found something I loved to do was writing stories. I began aged 12 and am now 77 and it has remained a total obsession throughout. The first 50 books died before completion as I moved on to the next layer of insight. Gradually books survived to completion but I had no passion for getting them published comparable to the excitement of plunging on into the next project. Eventually I published ten books on Amazon but true to form I gave no time to promoting them. Three years ago I began my latest book, Cell Walker’s Dream. It is unusual in that though it is another cosmic epic it is almost autobiographical. It has undergone constant revision and development and I’m sure could do so for another three or thirty or three hundred years. When this website is ready to receive it I will say stop and, for better or worse, that will be that. If it saves the world in its fashion I can ask no more. 

Its basic thesis is that dreams are evidence for natural super intelligence. When artificial super intelligence is applied to their study human minds will switch from being toxic to the world to being a sublime enhancement of Nature.  (Choose your own music).