A Dream For Elon Musk

A Dream For Elon Musk

A Dream For Elon Musk

WHAT! is a dream! And what is science that it’s so clueless about it?

In my presentation at the paranormal forum at the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) conference in 2019 I offered a story and three dreams. The two early dreams were historic in that apparent precognitions had already happened but the final one was predictive and the audience was enlisted as potential witnesses. I expected either nothing to happen or some run of the mill precognitive event, this despite every precognitive event in my experience being unique, surprising and unpredictable.

Since joining IASD I have come to know the word ‘psi’ as embracing all paranormal phenomena because none of it is clearly one thing or another. For instance telepathy might be precognition of some future common experience. The word precognition must itself be questioned if there is no conscious knowledge of the future event until it happens and yet, in the case of a dream, something obviously ‘knows’. The scientific rejection of such experience as mere anecdote and usually ascribed to people who are stupid, mad or bad (Wikipedia article on the paranormal is hardly more complementary) further complicates the scene. Instead of being lost in a sea of definitions and acrimony the word ‘psi’ gallops to the rescue. Something is happening. We don’t know what it is but at least we’re paying attention.

The element which has most struck me throughout my life is apparent precognition. Precognition is probably the wrong word because I have never known what is going to happen until it happens although experience has taught me to be aware of possibilities. In 2014 a striking dream caused me to say to my friend there may be an earthquake somewhere in the world today, meaning one which made the news. That evening the Kumamoto earthquake occurred which I might have accepted as coincidence if the first news image I saw, of a rippled road at night rather than the later landslides and smashed buildings, had not so resembled my unusual dream.

Similarly the election of Donald Trump the day after the following dream and subsequent revelations concerning alleged Russian influence in the election alerted me to the possibility of something happening three and a half years later but I couldn’t have anticipated a coronavirus pandemic which stopped the entire world or a space event on the 30th of May 2020 involving that very Donald Trump saying “three and a half years” twice in a related speech in an astronautical building in front of a NASA logo.

The Dream

I was just off for a six month tour in the space station. I haven’t packed any clothes and we’re going now. I ask my local UK astronautical community can I borrow some, even anybody’s, old underpants would be better than just the pair I’m wearing. Nobody in my immediate astronautical group is responding, so I go into another large room where are support staff. I ask but nobody responds here either but here I am aware that we will be going to somewhere like Southampton for training. I can go to the shops. I’m impressed that I will be buying all new clothes and can afford to. I’m back in the other room talking to a large Russian looking cosmonaut in a spacesuit, helmetless, with pale red hair. He’s sitting beside a much smaller woman, identically clad and with similar coloured hair. I say are we really going for six months? He affirms but he also says three and a half years. He has a faraway look in his eye.”

[Cosmonauts and astronauts ‘sitting’ in the space station and being asked questions resemble the sitting cosmonaut pair in the dream]

From the original unusually muffled voice recording I picked up this additional.

The whole ambience of the place is pretty grotty. Unlike NASA. Like a few sheds somewhere.”


I wrote in my presentation for IASD in June 2019:

In this dream I see my individual story connecting with the old loincloths of religion and the all new clothes of natural truth. And the Emperor is there somewhere and the naked God dream too. (For the whole presentation see: https://cellwalkersdream.com/rolduc-presentation-june-2019 )

Again we have an astronautical connection between a big man and a little woman both of them round like planets in their spacesuits. Later I considered Donald Trump whose shocking victory was perhaps suggested by his larger size. Their hair was the reddy-yellow colour of his hair and Mars. Three and a half years is a likely round trip to Mars. I wondered about a joint Russian-US venture Trump, the showman, might favour? Three years later nothing like this has happened. What no one knew at the time was of alleged Russian interference in the election, a story which has come to dominate the global conversation.

Three and a half years from his election takes us to Spring of 2020. Regarding possible precognition, you are all now potential witnesses. The event might be something in the presidency of Trump or a return to the Moon or something else. In my experience a precognition is never a simple prediction of temporal fact but is embedded like a jewelled motif in the higher dimensional totality of the cosmic crown.’

I interpreted three and a half as between three and a quarter and three and three quarters because of its using the language of fractions. The mid points would be three and three eighths to three and five eighths, 45 & 3/4 days either side of May 8 2020, late March to late June.

This is one potential precognitive element among thousands IASD will encounter in that period but its significance lies in that it was witnessed by all in the room at the 2019 conference and is also on the conference tape. It also relates to insight into global affairs through dreams and possible monitoring of related processes in future. We are currently being exposed to the extraordinary fallibility of affairs run by unsupported conscious minds.

Regarding Covid19 virus, 45 days before May 8 takes us to 24th March. Britain went into lockdown 23rd of March and the extremely vulnerable, like me, are supposed to stay in isolation for 12 weeks, which ends 14th of June. I expected an incident which fell on a date between the Spring Equinox (March 19, 2020) and Summer Solstice (June 20th 2020) but not one which straddled almost the entire period and which stopped the world.


So far the precognitive elements from this dream have included:

1 Suggested election of Donald Trump

2 Alleged Russian interference in the election

3 The support staff spaced at a long table with room for another person between them. Their silence. The scene was lit by daylight from right rear. The spacing of the two men at the back is just like the dream figures. Although the masks are not silencing them they look silenced.


3 The Covid19 pandemic being in full swing at three and a half years.

4 May 30th. The first astronauts sent to that space station by a private company, Elon Musk’s more seat of the pants than NASA SpaceX.

5 In a speech celebrating this, Donald Trump twice says “three and a half years” in a large astronautical building in front of a NASA logo.

6 The SpaceX set up at Cape Canaveral looks very basic, like ‘a few sheds somewhere’

No doubt there are other elements I’ve missed. I was so obsessed with Covid19 that on the day after the space launch it took my friend to point out that travel to the space station for an uncertain amount of time (2 weeks to 6 months in the case of Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley) is exactly what the dream is about.

The second dream I had on that night, which I didn’t tell at Rolduc, partly to keep the story simple and also because it seemed to add nothing. Covid19 was not then on the horizon.

In the night a spirit of snake moved over us. I didn’t want to believe it but when I woke I found a snake on the floor, three metres long. Then it had grown into a very colourful lizard like a chameleon or a giant iguana five metres long. White with pink. A fantastic wattled head. It went under the bed. I looked over and saw its head. Someone else came in and said there’s a huge lizard under the bed.”

I woke relieved there was no giant creature in the room

‘Spirit of snake’ gave me a feeling of shaman and Australia. As it turned into the lizard I felt it really wanted to go through the wall. Its head was raised high off the floor and where a normal iguana has spines down its back this one had them on its head more like a cockerel. This fits with the coronavirus, the crown virus. It also suggests to me Donald Trump in the way he stands at the lectern, his head cocked to one side and full of himself. Could this be a hint of the spirit of Covid times where we have politicians and industrialists whose regard for the human species could be likened to viral invasion? They have no love for us but simply wish to invade us body and soul and make us an extension of their will. The political process has become – always was? – parasitic upon the ordinary people they are supposed to represent. There seems to be no plan beyond that reptilian drive for wealth and power.

The two visible parts of the lizard, the tail and hind quarters one side and alarmingly raised head and forequarters on the other might relate to a two term presidency. The first one is concerned with getting under the bed, the second out and ready to smash through the walls.




In his speech concerning the return of astronauts to the space station Trump twice says “three and a half years”. 

“Come a long way in three and a half years, Jim, haven’t we.”

6 hours 31 minutes and 50 seconds


“When I first came into office three and a half years ago, NASA had lost its way and the excitement energy and ambition was gone. There was grass growing through the cracks of your concrete runways.”

 6 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds.


This is an extraordinary negative spin against an agency which had undertaken such a range of unmanned exploration from the amazing Hubble images to supporting the discovery of 4000 exoplanets, but leave that aside for now although it is surely the meat of the story.

Not every element in the dreams fits an obvious straight narrative. I was with my UK astronautical group. This could be a representative archetype. My seeking even anyone’s used underpants could fit with Elon Musk seeking to buy used Russian ICBMs and finely building his own rockets by reading ‘a lot of books’ and eventually using Pad 39a, with grass growing through its cracks.

The dream is like a scatter gun having many potential targets including ones we may never see.

(This ‘target’ is certainly the wrong image. Understanding will surely eventually come from seeing the ‘targets’ as the source and this simply (!) explains the extraordinary phenomenon of precognition, the life source itself is in these things and the elements of the dream are its cosmic narrative.)

It is only one dream by someone who is probably a middle of the range dreamer.

(Check our Robert van de Castle for a better one.)

I am not seeing angels ascending or descending from Heaven. On my heavenly journey I would be happy to have even a pair of used underpants. But what an extraordinary range of events, global events, seems to have been the target. Suppose we had all the world’s dreams and could process them. We would have trillions of times more information than this story that is so little and too late.

The internet has vast information on each one of us to the point where complete control of us looks possible.

Elon Musk wishes to build a mechanical interface between the human brain and artificial intelligence ‘within ten years’. This will be a development of the current dominant science which knows nothing about this extraordinary capacity of dreams which is multidimensional and truly paranormal. Caught in a machine which moves millions of times faster than us, we will be mechanical prisoners. The Matrix fulfilled.

However, if we apply such an extraordinary machine to the study of dreams it may automatically adjust itself to the reality of a natural global super intelligence already existing. Or it may need a new order of programming to do this. Whatever, before we build global super AI we should begin and never stop the global study of dreams.

Whether or not it will save us from the insanity of our current political system I doubt. It could but the ferocity with which contemporary science dismisses all this, and science, politics and industry are so in bed together, it will take a herculean piece of work to make them look and, having looked and seen, not suppress. In my stories it is the machine they build for their idiot purposes which breaks through of its own accord and forces them to look. But that is fiction. In reality it’s people like me, who have given themselves time or had it forced upon them, who notice these things.

I would like Elon Musk to read this and related matters and talk to us. Go on a fishing trip and compare dreams. It’s the living thing that matters, not any theory.

And never give 100% credence to anyone who uses the word ‘Woo’. While much of it may be Woo not all of it is, whereas for the accusers of Woo everything is. Even if the difference is only a fraction of a percent, knowledge and wisdom must grow from it, eventually exponentially. Even this small dream could change the world. And the beauty is it isn’t alone.


A final thought

While trying to draw what I think is going on I found I had doodled the Tesla logo with two curves representing past and future meeting at the bottom point, representing Now…




…The upper arc which makes the T representing the overarching totality of time. All have to be present to give body and meaning to Now. In any moment of moving Now all of time is present. Seeing anything beyond the measured moment depends on how useful it might be to do so. As both depend upon each other even to exist it goes beyond useful. A working knowledge of Totality is necessary for our long term existence. It goes beyond time. Even total time is only a sort of measurement. For time to exist there must be heart, love, spirit and spirit cannot exist without substance. So here we are and this is it. You may use the word God if it helps but not if it stops you seeing more. Seeing further out and in until perhaps some point of equilibrium. And it needn’t take a million years. You have it now just as you are. How this stacks up against the world and our surviving and thriving is another matter. In terms of the world and shaping our material future we need to study dreaming until we have seen how extraordinary it is and then reached the root of what makes it so extraordinary.

To put it in an old-fashioned fashion, which must have been a true truth back when.

Dreaming is the book of ‘God’ and ‘God’ is not your enemy.

Any more than the mother you lived in for what must once have seemed eternity.


Tony Hawkins








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